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Welcome To Ol'Piley's OnLine Lair ! ! !

LATEST NEWS N' STUFFsBrave Words And Bloody Knuckles Top 30 Canadian Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Albums Of All-Time Metal Inquisition is album #12!!!I'm deeply honoured HERENIGHT OF THE UNPOLISHED TURD is available right now from at cdbaby, itunes, amazon, etc...PS: Ol'Piley recently had a rare fit of 'motor-function'and accidentally autographed 250 of 'em... they're also available from few months back Ol'Piley made the decision to drop, and remain with just the Myspace and Facebook pages while creating this one. Now, a cockpill pushin' offshore pharmaco has taken to posting ancient Google-cached copyrighted images n' pages of PILEY's to push their penis pills... who the hell needs this??? Who the hell do I go to to stop this??? I've already tried the DMCA route... which is toothless, btw... unless you got biiig lawyer bux... Plus, they're based in the Cayman Islands, of course.. the dicksuckers.I HATE HUMANS. SERIOUSLY.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEWS ON THE Metal Manifesto ALBUM!!! It is now officially a 'collectors item'. It is no longer in print. Check e-bay and what few distro's might still have some in a dusty box somewhere.Besides... trust me... I got LOTS where that came from... there will be better, stronger, faster, harder, louder, and UGLIER!!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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